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In 2007, a year after the establishment of our Foundation Julien Estimé Jean-Mary hereinafter called (FOJEM), the Foundation had set up a 24-station, state-of-the-art computer center as a resource for both children and adults in Jean-Rabel.

Since 2007, and most notably through the CASS program with USAID, the Foundation helped to secure seven scholarships for seven low-income young men and women from the Northwest to travel to the United States to attend several community colleges in Tampa, Wisconsin, and Missouri. All of them have already completed their 2-year studies and are now back, working in Haiti and raising their families.
Since 2006, 87 young men and women have already completed their academic endeavors.  We have also empowered 75 small businesswomen with a grant to back-up their businesses.

The Foundation has also organized four (4) Nwel Lespwa, a Christmas program,  through which we provide financial assistance to over 500 elderly and special-needs people every year.

We have also organized a toy drive distribution.  Last year, we hosted the first toy drive program, where we gave over 1000 toys to children in Jean-Rabel, Haiti. The Foundation has also sponsored several activities and programs in Jean-Rabel over the past 20 years.

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